About Me

I’m a Seattleite currently pursuing my Bachelors of Communications, I am very excited to graduate this coming June 2015!

I am naturally creatively inclined and fortunate to have a background in the arts, mostly with Ballet and piano lessons. My creativity seeped into my daily life wherever I could fit it in, and now I have a little experience in many kinds of crafty projects.

An Extraordinary Life > Coming to be

An Extraordinary Life came to be so that I could share my gazillion little DIY projects with the world! This blog keeps me busy having fun creating and connecting with others. I love making our house into a home in the process, crafting up the little details that make our little spot in the city a bit more charming!

Please take a look around! I plan to keep using this site for adventures and DIY tutorials, with snippets from my life along the way.

Why An Extraordinary Life?

Everybody sees the world a little differently, but I color mine in positivity and possibility. I choose to view the world that way. I invest my time in what brings me joy and choose to live an extraordinary life. Here I am sharing mine with you, hoping to motivate you towards your own , whatever that is made of. : )